Ryan George Therapy

My Practice

Therapy is a collaboration between my client(s) and I, and it is a journey to wellness, recovery and new life. I have a holistic, comprehensive approach that integrates the mind and the body, using the tools of Somatic Experiencing, depth, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral therapies in my practice. Furthermore, healing takes place in many different settings. As such, I offer Nature-Based Therapy and outdoor sessions, in addition to office visits.

Step One

Call or email me today for a FREE consultation. You are taking an important step by reaching out and pursuing therapy and it will be helpful to you now and in the future. Contact me so I can be of service to you.

Step Two

Based on our consultation, we will prepare a personal therapy plan for you (or for your child or family) according to your needs and goals. Perhaps you’re in a difficult relationship, or a difficult period of your life, or you have the desire to be your best and happiest self. Whatever the case is, I can help.

Step Three

As therapy progresses, life becomes easier and more fulfilling. Studies show both short and long-term benefits of therapy, even years later. Clients apply tools and insights to their lives, improving relationships, reducing stress, pain, and other symptoms. Therapy works.
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